Auto*Mat association promotes better environment for a good-quality life in the city. We support public, pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well as the rational use of cars. We are inspired by European capitals and we activate people to a positive change of streets and public spaces. We supervise the politicians and efficient use of public finances. Together with you, we create a city we want to live in.

Our initiative cooperates with local politicians, transportation specialists, architects, non-profit organizations, artists, city bikers, seniors, parents and children – with all Prague residents, who care about their city. We engage in the development of infrastructure for bicycle commuting from the position of an independent supervisor and proposer, we promote specific measures for the increase of safety in the streets for pedestrians and strive for the elimination of various barriers regarding public space.

Auto*Mat is the initiator and main organizer of Different City Experience. Its role is to provide local organizers with ideological, administrative, personal, and financial support during the organization of street neighborly celebrations. We help with financing, networking between local organizers and municipalities, and assist with the negotiations of street closures. We also work on a unified PR campaign or do consulting in production. This model makes it possible for local organizers to spend more time on problems in the sphere of public space and civil society.